Neda Samavati

Neda Samavati

The composer and guitarist, born in 1993, possesses a profound passion for music. The love for music was discovered at a young age, inspired by her father, a guitarist and cellist.

About me

Currently a PhD student at the University of Western Ontario, she holds a Master's degree from Tehran University of Art, where she honed her skills and knowledge in the realm of music. At the age of 12, she embarked on her musical journey with classical guitar lessons, delving into the intricate world of music theory, harmony, and composition in Iran. Continuing her academic pursuits, she is driven by a profound commitment to furthering her understanding of music and its transformative power. She looks forward to exploring new horizons in the world of melodies, chords, and creativity. In addition to her deep appreciation for Western music, she holds a profound passion for non-Western musical traditions, with a special devotion to the rich tapestry of Iranian folk music, her country's cultural treasure. As a passionate enthusiast of physics and astronomy, she finds great joy in weaving the mesmerizing phenomena of the natural world and the intricate mathematical patterns into her music.

Neda Samavati

Selected Compositions


Mangåta no.1

A Dream Within a Dream

Compare Thee to a Summer's Day

Has Yet To Discover

Entanglement for string Quartet


Selected Performances

“Toward the sea”, by Toru Takemitsu

Western University
Fall 2023

The attribution of F. Garcia Lorca (Bukhara Magazine), Guitar

Iranian House of Humanities Thinkers, Tehran, Iran
Summer 2019

The attribution of Russian Women Poets, Guitar

Gozar Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Winter 2016

Messiah Orchestra & Choir, Choir (Alto)

Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran
Summer 2013

Guitar Orchestra, Guitar

Roudaki Hall, Tehran, Iran
Winter 2011

Multimedia Performance, Guitar

Makhrout Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Fall 2011

Antonio Vivaldi’s Attribution, Guitar Duo

Embassy of the Italian Republic in Tehran, Iran
Winter 2010

Honors and Awards